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Seniors might have to switch Medicare plans

A new analysis by a leading private research firm estimates that more than 3 million beneficiaries will see their current drug plan eliminated as Medicare tries to winnow down duplicative and confusing coverage, in order to offer consumers more meaningful choices. Continue reading

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Eldercare advice for a friend in need

A portion of a online conversation between friends regarding family struggles and Mom in the nursing home… Continue reading

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Can We Predict Alzheimer’s Disease Now?

After decades when nothing much seemed to be happening, when this progressive brain disease seemed untreatable and when its diagnosis could be confirmed only at autopsy, the field of study and research has suddenly sprouted forth meaningful insights. Continue reading

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What is the connection between your gums and Alzheimer’s Disease?

The NYU study offers fresh evidence that gum inflammation may contribute to brain inflammation, neurodegeneration, and Alzheimer’s disease. Continue reading

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