Good Things To Know About Caregiver Certification Programs

Good things are being said across the country about CertifiedCare.  They are receiving national attention from federal and state agencies who are taking an interest in reducing elder abuse and in regulating caregivers, especially of the frail elderly.

CertifiedCare is best value!

Here are some facts you should know when considering taking a caregiver certification program:

The CertifiedCare series of caregiver certification programs are complete caregiver education programs. There are only two books to buy for all four programs.  Those books are used  practically cover to cover so you don’t feel like you wasted your money on them.

You get detailed supplements from CertifiedCare to help you pass their Family Caregiver Certification and PCA-HHA certification exams as part of the program price- no extra charge.  Other programs are not as generous.

Students can learn about caring for adults who are chronically ill, suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, are  disabled, or  have special needs.  CertifiedCare offers specialist certifications for caregivers who want to specialize in caring for people with chronic illness or all types of special needs.

Students can print out their own certificates immediately upon passing the test if they have a printer.  This helps to provide immediate proof of education and testing certification for purposes of employment in private homes, residential care facilities, and home health agencies. You might have to wait weeks for your certificate, if you get one at all, from other programs.  The certificate you get after passing your test looks pretty good, and you can get a nicer, gold sealed one from them later if you want for a few extra dollars.

The Certified Care programs are designed and used to supplement home health agency training requirements that are required by many States and many home health agencies across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India. Their programs are not just one state focused as some other programs are like in California or Oregon.

You cannot even work for the CertifiedCare Home Health Agency as a Personal Care Aide or Home Health Aide unless you have completed at least one of their certification programs.  I am not aware of any other agency who has that standard.  It is not a bad idea.

Their certification programs are proprietary and they are not a school so they are not required to be accredited. Their costs are lower because they do not have to pay for accreditation.  Though CertifiedCare is not a traditional school, they do sell these custom certification programs to individuals and home health agencies to supplement the state required training requirements for home health aides and personal care aides.

The CertifiedCare certification programs are valid and legal . They are required for full and part-time non-medical care staff employment at the Certified Care Home Health Agency.

They are an excellent value for caregivers who desire a career as a Personal Care Aide or Home Health Aide in the private residential or institutional setting.  These programs are affordable and you do not have to actually go to a classroom to take them.  You can study and take the exams whenever you want.

The complete CertifiedCare Caregiver Certification series costs less than$300 for all four certification programs.  Every single one of their programs costs less than $100.  People spend more than that on hair dos and sneakers for their kids!

Their programs are available 24/7 via the internet.  This makes it possible for anybody with an internet connection to study for and take these exams who has access to a computer and the internet.  The age old excuses of no time and no convenient access to a bricks and mortar school no longer apply.

There are other programs out there that are good and worth a your consideration, but CertifiedCare offers the overall best value. It seems the CertifiedCare programs are hard to top.

By John Ford, free lance writer


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