Changes for Hospice Claims, Eligibility, and Revenue Services

The Fiscal Intermediaries and Medicare Administrative Contractors for Hospice Claims have made significant changes to the way Hospice Claims are processed.

* CAHABA eliminated its longstanding dial-up access system
* CAHABA no longer provides MSP or DDE adjustments to claims
* PGBA no longer provides MSP or DDE Adjustments to claims
* NGS dial-up system is to be eliminated 31 DEC 2010

Accordingly, mumms® developed and put in to place an interface with three companies in order to streamline the process to submit Hospice Claims electronically & direct to CMS, process Medicaid and Commercial hospice claims electronically, and confirm Eligibility. Each of these three functions were bundled together to form the new suite of PAS™ Claims Management Services.

Eligibility Confirmation:  e-Solutions is a leading provider of intelligent software-as-a-service solutions to the financial services industry. The company’s solutions are based on a patented platform-as-a-service system that is specifically designed to handle complex financial transactions.

Hospice Claims

A leader in eHealth connectivity, VisionShare® is setting new standards in secure healthcare electronic information exchange with simple, reliable and affordable solutions serving government contractors, payers and healthcare providers of all sizes.

Clearinghouse for Medicaid and Commercial Claims

The ZirMed® mission is to revolutionize the business of healthcare and cure administrative costs by applying innovative, creative and flexible technology solution

Saves time: The new PAS™ Claims Management Services eliminate steps for the entire Hospice Billing staff.  By bundling the services of these companies mumms® PAS™ has eliminated the need for Hospice Billers to download prepared claims to their computers, open the online path to the Fiscal Intermediary, and then upload the claim file. The new mumms® feature allows the Hospice Biller to send the Claims files directly to CMS from the Prepare Patient Bills page in PAS™ with no additional steps.

By providing these services to all customers mumms® was able to establish pricing with all three companies that a Hospice cannot duplicate, along with an amazing array of features previously unobtainable.


See for more information about Hospice services software


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  1. wonderful post. Ne’er knew this, appreciate it for letting me know.


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