Neglect is the Most Frequent Abuse in Long-Term Care

What is the Personal Care Aides’ role in recognizing ADL neglect?

“How do you know if a patient’s Activities of Daily Living (ADL) personal care has been neglected?” asks the Training Nurse when leading a discussion with  Personal Care Aides (PCA) and direct care workers. A seasoned Certified Personal Care Aide™ (CPCA) responds, “All you have to do is look and smell.”

Elder neglect and abuse

When describing other places they’ve worked and the horrors they encountered, the personal care aides share and describe serious ADL neglect they have found on new assignments: patients left to sit or lay in their feces and urine, hair dirty and matted, dirty rooms, clothes and beds, bedsores and other neglected personal care.

bedsore is a sign of neglect

The CertifiedCare online class provides an overview of personal care ADL neglect and its negative health and emotional consequences for the patient in the comprehensive e-Text.   This robust personal care aide certification™ course also reviews the importance of encouraging patients to do what they can and then making sure they help complete what can’t be done independently. This personal care aides education material reminds everyone to check in on patients periodically throughout the day, providing care whenever it is needed.


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