A Letter to Geriatric Social Workers


Dear Geriatric Social Workers,

Did you know that most elder abuse is ignorance based and unreported?

We need your help to reduce elder abuse, alleviate caregiver stress as well as enhance the skills and abilities of family and professional caregivers – for the greater good of all.

9 times out of 10 a caregiver has little to no formal eldercare education.  Don’t the frail elders of our community (and their caregivers) deserve better?

As social workers you see the effects of unprepared caregiving on the elders and the people who care for them.  So many well meaning relatives or friends desire to help yet do not realize the enormity of the task they are undertaking, until they are in deep water.

Educated caregivers experience much less stress and are better able to care for themselves – as well as their loved ones or clients. They have the knowledge and techniques that lead to a deeper understanding of their duties and responsibilities.

CertifiedCare is a nonprofit that serves both the family and professional caregiver through educating, testing, certifying, and registering caregivers of frail elders of all types. Our programs are affordable, accredited and comprehensive,  providing professional credentials and confidence to caregivers  to help them succeed in any type of care environment.

CertifiedCare caregiver education programs focus on dozens of topics concerning non-medical adult personal care ranging from safety, emergency planning, managing medication and  communication to special dietary needs and ethics; we cover all the various tasks of daily living including caregiver self care.

Through CertifiedCare’s involvement with the Sweet Relief Community Action program we achieve our community service mission to reduce elder abuse and help solve many of the problems attendant to frail elder care. We also advocate for caregiver education at the state and federal level.

CertifiedCare.org survives by word of mouth.  Please share this information with your clients, house of worship, and other associations and organizations situated locally or across the country.

I hope that you share CertifiedCare’s mission to reduce ignorance based elder abuse through educating and training millions of family and professional caregivers and I pray that you will get involved with the Sweet Relief Community Action Program. Go to SRAction.org for more details and to register. Go to CertifiedCare.org for more education program details.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Cathleen Carr, Executive Director https://i1.wp.com/www.ereleases.com/pr/wp-content/Cimy_User_Extra_Fields/CertifiedCare.org/certifiedcare.png https://eldercareadvice.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/certified-care-logo.jpg%3Fw%3D352%26h%3D140


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