Seven Facts About CertifiedCare Caregiver Certifications

For far too long there has been no way for primary caregivers of adults with disabilities, the frail elderly or those who provide primary care for persons suffering from chronic conditions to get educated and certified in their own right.  This lack of professional credentialing has kept home care workers amongst the lowest paid and most work place unprotected.

The CertifiedCare Caregiver Certification programs have become popular over the years as word is spreading across the country about these affordable and convenient education and testing programs that provide primary family or professional caregivers with complete information and real credentials.

They have been inundated with questions about the purpose of these care giving programs and whether individuals need them or not in various states.

Michelle Raymont,  of Silver Lake Home Health  Staffing says, “Lack of professional caregiver certification contributes to the all to common reality of  incomplete home health agency personnel education and training.  Some States require up to 80 hours of training for home health aides and most agencies do not meet this training requirement.  They often cannot afford to keep staff off the clock for the training time or simply do not know how to do it.  These CertifiedCare education programs can be completed after work and can fill in the gaps for training hours in home health agencies across the country.’

Cathleen V. Carr, JD MscD and Executive Director of Certified Care says there are seven facts you should know about CertifiedCare Caregiver Certification Programs,

1)  The CertifiedCare series of caregiver certification programs are comprehensive caregiver education programs.

2)  The caregiver certificates issued by CertifiedCare give evidence of completed education and testing for purposes of employment in private homes, long term care facilities, and home health agencies throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India.

3)  CertifiedCare certification programs are designed to supplement agency training requirements as may be required by any State or any home health agency in the United States.

4) The CertifiedCare education and certification programs and learning format are an excellent value for persons who care about their care giving skills or who desire a career as a family elder caregiver or Personal Care Aide in the private residential or institutional setting.

5)  CertifiedCare caregiver certification programs are proprietary (not associated with any governmental program) and  are accredited by a recognized accreditation entity.

6) The CertifiedCare Family Caregiver Certification Program is recommended for primary family caregivers.

7) Successful completion of the Professional Personal Care Aide , Alzheimer’s – Dementia and Special Needs Certification Programs are prerequisite for the Senior Care Auditor Certification program.

CertifiedCare offers five distance learning certification programs: The Family Caregiver, The Professional Care Aide, Alzheimer’s Caregiving Specialist, Special Needs Caregiving Specialist program, and Senior Care Auditing Certification. The programs are in eLearning format, that means that they are available via the internet so students can study and take the exams from home or wherever they have access to a computer with an internet connection 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Written by Camille Carbonelli.


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2 Responses to Seven Facts About CertifiedCare Caregiver Certifications

  1. Do you work with local home care agencies where they can get hands on skills training?


    • Hello Jamie, Good question. Yes, programs are online and accessible by any online device or mobile phone. makes great partners for home care agencies who provide hands on training by doing the ‘book learning’ for the agency trainer. Then all the agency trainer has to do is administer the hands on portion of preparation for a quality care workforce.


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