About online PCA Certification…

Professional credentials (not state minimum low bar qualifications)  help caregivers be worth the $15 /hr more PCAs desire. They also give informal caregivers the confidence and respect they deserve.

With the growing awareness of the importance of properly educated elder caregivers, certification for caregivers of the elderly is available online making the cost lower and access more convenient to the quality minded or ambitious caregiver.

Now that LTC agencies have to focus on the 5 Star Rating imposed by CMS employers of professional caregivers are having to scrutinize applicants with an eye toward cost savings and quality of care. Did you know that:

  • Agencies do not pay for PCA advanced education or real professional credentials.
  • Increasingly, agencies and clients are looking to weed out the less desirable candidates from the start.
  • Increasingly agencies are moving toward requiring certification as a pre-application requirement.

caregiver-jobs-caregiving-careers-san-francisco-ca.jpg (980×300)

State governments and better agencies hungry for growth in a crowded field are finally appreciating what better prepared care providers can bring to the table.  This awareness has resulted in more demand for credentialed caregivers.


Professional credentials (not state minimum low bar qualifications)  help you be worth the $15 /hr more PCAs desire. Ambitious caregivers can also get Senior Care Auditing certifications now at CertifiedCare.org

If you owned a home care agency, who would you choose, the state minimum PCA or the CertifiedCare.org registered PCA?


It is a no brainer.  

No more excuses.  

9i4zRLj4T.jpeg (173×300)

CertifiedCare programs are:

  1. Accredited
  2. Standardized
  3. Online
  4. Comprehensive
  5. Affordable

Get certified and registered at CertifiedCare.org now while prices are within reach.  Voted #1 – 5 years in a row by Caregiver Certification.com.


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Get professional elder care giving advice, advocacy, education and tips for those who care for and about the frail elderly at the ElderCareAdvice blog. We are generously sponsored by CertifiedCare.org. Most posts are written by Cathleen V. Carr, unless attributed otherwise. We welcome relevant submissions. Submit your article and by-line for publishing consideration (no promises!) to Havi at zvardit@yahoo.com, our own editor who will ensure submissions are given the best possible treatment and polish before publication, ensuring a professional level of publication. There is a nominal service fee involved ($45). Allow up to 30 days for publishing.
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