How Agencies quickly save time,money, and get better care staff

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to you today to show you how- with no work and no expense on your part -you help ensure the caregivers you hire are dependable and qualified to provide top quality care and make your business richer.

By taking this simple step you will achieve these results:

Your business benefits naturally

You have lots more time to do tasks

Your in-house headaches are greatly reduced

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How to quickly save time & money

plus attract and retain a better Personal Care workforce

Research conducted by the agency, Leading Home Care, shows that home care companies that recruit and select the best caregivers are able to grow faster, have higher client satisfaction ratings, and earn more profits.  This seems an obvious outcome, but there exists proof now (for those who need that extra reassurance):

Research shows that the typical cost of making a bad hiring decision is over $1,500.  If you have 100 caregivers and half of them leave, that will cost you over $75,000 per year.

It is a ‘no brainer’ that PCAs who are better educated for the profession and are polished caregivers will get better word-of-mouth advertising from delighted clients and are less likely to quit a job due to finding our they just do not like Personal Care.


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How you quickly save Time and Money:

Let’s talk about the goodness in the approach we advocate for you and your home care, home health, or Assisted Living business.  Why should you pay for someones’ education and credentials?  Candidates who have taken the initiative to improve themselves will do a better job of working professionally for you.  Requiring applicants to already have education and certification helps weed out the less desirable and less committed candidates from the start.

Require PCA certification as a pre-application condition of employment.


How’s this possible?

If a caregiver will apply themselves to the program, it demonstrates their ability and determination to be the best.  It reassures that they know what they are getting into with Personal Care. Less time will be spent dealing with caregiver issues, the morale of your office staff will improve, and you’ll reduce your operating costs (from referrals and less employee turnover) while increasing your profits. You can require it as condition of employment and it costs you nothing.

Here’s how You benefit:

  • Differentiate your company from your competitors. The 24/7 free public Registry has established itself as a must have quality control tool. Consumers are seeking private duty home care companies that are leading the way in establishing best practices and highest standards in the marketplace. They check our registry for credentials verification..credentials which exceed minimum state requirements.
  • Increase your client base. By hiring more qualified caregivers from the start you secure better representatives of in-home care, and your business will grow. Not only will you save money associated with caregiver turnover, you’ll also earn a reputation as a trusted provider of desirable PCAs.
  • Reduce time and money spent on problems with unqualified caregivers. How much time is spent dealing with a variety of unprofessional caregiver issues or unhappy (or angry) clients?  Make high caregiver turnover a thing of the past.
  • Get More Referrals. Your Certified Personal Care Aides (CPCAs) are listed on the Registry on our web site at  This helps you market your PCAs as the superior choice in your community.  Customers appreciate the ability to confirm credentials themselves prior to hire.

BigStk-Best-Practice-Gears-37939381.jpg (900×675)

How does this work?

You do nothing for administration.  Our registration and education process is seamless, no portal, self- contained.  Students quickly and easily register online, and are automatically processed through our system as tests are passed.  The registry is automatically upgraded with each credential earned. Retakes of tests are free. Students, as a member of, have access to both basic and advanced education, testing, and certifications. They study online (mobile, tablet, PC, whatever…) and at their own pace or your in-house deadline. You can sip your coffee or tea while you check our registry to confirm credentials earned.

You pay nothing.  Student pays.  First year membership affords 4 full professional certifications (family, professional, Alzheimer’s-Dementia, and Special Needs.

PLUS— You get another service to offer your community

Students who complete our full PCA certification program are eligible to apply for Senior Care Auditing certification.  This is a new service you can offer your community.  Lots of people do not have the time to check on elderly loved ones.  Your more experienced PCAs can enjoy career advancement via this service.  You offer a new service and retain workers who feel they can grow in place.  Your community gets a new service.

It is a win/win/win.

With no work on your part you help ensure the caregivers you send into a client’s home are trustworthy, dependable and qualified to provide top quality care. Your business benefits naturally. A more effective and efficient caregiver is our promise.

It is that simple and easy.

certified-care-logo.jpg?w=352&h=140 (458×182) has been ranked #1 for 5 years in a row for efficient, comprehensive online Personal Care Aide certifications.  We do not settle for less for ourselves or for you.

Find out about the Senior Care Auditor service for your agencies service growth here…

Very sincerely yours,

Dr. Cathleen V. Carr, JD PhD



Leading Home Care and Caregiver Quality Assurance Study


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