How to become a happier caregiver

If you are a caregiver chances are you love taking care of people. You love/like frail elders or adults with special needs.  You love knowing that your work produces immediate tangible and worthwhile results by making a difference to someone.

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If you are a professional caregiver/direct care worker/personal care aide/carer  you provide personal care services to clients in exchange for money.  Whether you work for yourself, a home care or home health care agency, or any type of long term care facility, the work is essentially the same.

So, if you love what you do then why is it that  why is it that some people get the better jobs?

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Have you wondered how some caregivers get work in swanky neighborhoods, have sophisticated clients who know how to treat them, get livable schedules because their clients can afford layers of care, and get clients who can pay more or tip better?

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(When is the last time a client gave you a generous gift?)

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So, how can you become one of the envied caregivers?



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  1. Showcase all care experience:  Have a professional resume that includes ALL of your caregiving experience. Do not neglect to include: Child care, pet care, plant care, elderly care (even if only for a loved one), house sitting, housekeeping, Special Needs care (even if only for a loved one), lawn care, etc.  Repeat, even if you have only provided these services for a loved one or yourself say so honestly in your resume. Why?  Because when a client is looking for a at home care worker most of these services are on their mind as also being needed at some point. The more you revealwhat you have actually done, the more experienced you will be perceived as being. The more you can do, the more useful you seem to the prospective client.
  2. Get caregiver credentials:  Being sweet to oldsters is not enough for serious care giving duties.  One of the biggest gripes clients have about caregivers is that they do not have comprehensive practical education for their jobs. One of the easiest ways to really stand out from the crowd is with the right professional education and credentials.  State minimums do not cut it because, well, everybody in the area has the same (minimum) thing…and that is what clients are griping about!  Get yourself real credentials that demonstrate to anyone that you are a seriously professional care provider that they would be darn lucky to have working for them.
  3. Use a Caregiver Registry listing reference:  In addition to the usual reference (past employer(s)) impress your next client by using a second reference source.  If you are listed in a reputable professional education care registry people can look you up and confirm your credentials (anybody can fake a certificate, but not a secured online credentials registry listing).  Become a real registered professional.


How to get #2 and #3 out of the way quick fast and easy?  Get a top education conveniently online thru and be included in their free 24/7 public registry that serves only their program graduates.  Each certification you complete is displayed there for clients and prospective clients to find and be assured you have gone beyond the basics to be a better care provider.  PLUS  you can feature your CertifiedCare education and credentials in you resume and in job applications, securing your place in the follow up pile rather than the ’round file’ (trash can) with prospective employers.

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How can you afford to make this happen?

  • Ask you current employer to help pay for your education.  It will help you help them.
  • Take advantage of the $0 (zero) interest, no credit check, payment plan offered to everyone by CertifiedCare.
  •  Ask for the CertifiedCare certification program as a gift from loved ones.
  • Save up and make the investment in yourself.  (No one can take your education from you!) programs are accredited, ranked #1 for comprehensiveness and best value, and are available 24/7 online for convenient distance learning. Study at our own pace!

IMPORTANT   Follow the advice above you will find that Agencies will assign you to more important clients. Private clients will also likely choose you over your competition, especially if they find you are registered with and your competitor is not.

The future is in your hands, so make it better!

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To find out more about CertifiedCare (and their #1 ranked eLearning programs accessible online thru your phone or computer/tablet) go to  Their programs are only available online- not in person classrooms (that keeps them convenient and the costs down and you can study when you want).




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