Affordable Online Caregiver Certification

Caregivers are busy people.  Busy with work, life, kids and/or other important relationships, and loving care.

Caregivers are also watching their wallets.  Professional caregivers do not make much money and informal family caregivers rarely make any from caregiving –  and might have to give up their job to provide care.

There is only so much time, energy and money.

The thing is, these days there are many who are concerned about elder abuse and neglect and the increasing awareness of how challenging caring for an  elderly person is or will become over time.  More states are passing laws, more agencies are requiring pre-employment certification. More clients and families are expecting a caregiver who provides primary care for an elder to get educated about their responsibilities and be certified to show they actually know what their are expected to do.

The days of providing just kindness and basic assistance are over.  Soon all caregivers need to be certified.  It’s just smart – and increasingly the law.

So what is a busy and broke caregiver to do?

Get your certification online.  It is convenient, much less expensive, study when you want/can and test online when you are ready.  Start when you want, finish when you can.  Be done with it and never miss a beat with the rest of your life ‘gotta dos’.

Online education programs are everywhere these days for every career  you can think of.  They are appreciated for their easy accessibility- no driving, parking and running around required.  They save lots of time, energy and money.  They are reliable, respected, and (thanks to technology) they are a good modern education option.

What you need to look for in online caregiver certification programs:

1) Comprehensiveness:  Chronic illnesses and Alzheimer’s or other dementia can develop down the road, even if not a problem now.  It is important to recognize the early signs.  Dying and death is part of long term care for seniors.  Do yourself a favor and be ready ahead of time for the inevitable.  It also important to know ahead of time if you are able and willing to handle the developments.

2) Free and immediate test retakes:  If the tests are real, you might need a retake (happens all the time).  No shame in that, but you should not have to pay again.

3) Online Credentials Verification Registry:  Prospective employers need to be able to easily confirm you have the credentials you say you have.

4) Mobile friendly accessibility so you really can study when and how you want to.

5)  Accreditation or some proof that the certification entity knows what they are doing.

Very few Personal Care Aide certification options are available, but check out their programs check off all the boxes and then some and are legal everywhere) or PHI if you live in New York.  Also, check with your States’ certification requirements and follow those rules.


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