4 Ways Caregivers Grow a Senior Care Auditing Career

As the frail aged population mushrooms in growth and charges of elder abuse and neglect are on the rise, where is the silver lining for caregivers?  Today the certified Senior Care Auditor can save the day for the elder and the caregiver.  In addition to being an alternative to providing personal care, or an add-on service for an existing elder care service, SCAs are becoming the new elite of personal care providers.

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Senior Care Auditors holding tablets

Whether you work for an SCA agency part time, or you need a full time independent career, or maybe you like the home care agency you work for and see the opportunities to grow professionally and help your agency grow, too, the doors are wide open for you now.

In this article we talk about how to grow your Senior Care Auditor career whether you work for yourself or someone else.

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Help your agency provide a great new service by becoming a Certified Senior Care Auditor

1)AGENCY:  Much like the physician liaison is constantly on the move, visiting clinics and making connections, the Certified Senior Care Auditor (CSCA) helps home care agencies and individuals check up on the safety, wellbeing, and possible unmet needs of frail elders and other vulnerable adults who might someday become care clients for the agency.

SCAs can  function as a  Quality Assurance Liaisons for the home care agency they work for.  This service can enormously please clients who appreciate the extra care and interest in their case – and in them.  Happy clients make for good reviews by word of mouth and online, and more referrals.

2)LAWYERS and SOCIAL WORKERS: Faster and Easier Reporting

Here’s something to think about:
Recent studies have shown that long work hours increased the chances of early death by almost 20%*.

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Lawyers and social workers dread reporting. Compiling this data and fashioning it into meaningful reports can take A LOT of time and energy.  It is super stressful and a LOT of work.  But that is their job.  Yours can be to go get the information they need to decide whether or not to pursue prosecution of a case.  You can make their life much easier and for less money than a traditional investigator (who knows nothing about the elderly).

The use of Senior Care Auditors  helps lawyers and social workers compile their field notes more efficiently and with MUCH less work and stress.  Happy lawyers and social workers, after they have found they can trust your reports, make for more referrals coming your or your agencies way. This directs the flow of money straight to your bottom line.

To become a Certified Senior Care Auditor you can only go to CertifiedCare.org for accredited PCA/SCA education and registry.

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3) LONG DISTANCE CAREGIVERS:  Lots of adult children live hundreds or thousands of miles away from their parents or other elderly loved ones. It is not uncommon in the United States and increasingly this phenomenon is spreading worldwide as younger people move into large cites for economic opportunities.  But, just because your far away does not mean you do not care or are not interested in the well being of those you left behind.  This is where a Senior Care Auditor comes in.  SCAs can check on your loved one and report back giving reassurance or reality checks about circumstances and conditions which otherwise might come to light.


There's not enough hours in the Day so use a Senior Care Auditor to check on elderly loved ones.


There are two  ‘close cousins’ of the long distance caregiver:  One is the caregiver who is ‘sandwiched’ between work, kids, and ‘life’. The other is the hard working people who put in long, demanding, and/or unpredictable hours who simply do not have the time and energy to also spend on a loved one, no matter how much they might wish they could. Both of these people can use a certified SCA to make their lives easier.  The SCA does the job they cannot do (and probably do it even better).  This helps them feel better, and also helps the person they care about feel better.  One does not have to feel like a slacker and the other does not have to feel neglected.  It is a beautiful ‘win-win’.

peaceofmindquotes.jpg (280×193)

Imagine the peace of mind this service can bring to someone.

Ready to get started?  To become a Certified Senior Care Auditor you can only go to CertifiedCare.org for accredited PCA/SCA education and registry.  Yes, this is the only place providing authentic SCA certification.

To read more about Senior Care Auditing? Click on …


***   https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/insights/why-your-workplace-might-be-killing-you              http://www.cnn.com/2015/09/03/health/stress-work-secondhand-smoke/           https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1402378/  



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