Need a career in LTC that is not so touchy feely?

If you like frail elders and appreciate the opportunity to earn a living looking out for them you do have options.  Not everyone needs to be a Home Health Aide, Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Personal Care Aide, Social Worker, or Registered Nurse simply to be able to find work in the growing career field of elder care.

Get certified as a Personal Care Aide for less than $200 or a Senior Care Auditor for less than $300 now at get more money for providing skilled personal care. Quality certifications only available from

It is okay not to be interested with the physical and long term emotional demands of providing personal care to  an adult in need of those services.  It is okay not to want to invest in or go into big debt to pay for a nursing degree or social work degree.  It is okay to want to have a second income, full or part-time self employment, or to work on behalf of agencies or facilities if your heart is aligned with the need to provide protection of the vulnerable adults and oldsters in your community.

Many, many people have elderly loved ones who live far away from them.  Still others are just too over taxed with work and family to check on their loved one as much as they might would it circumstances were different.  These people both can benefit from having a certified professional to check on their loved one for them and give them a report of their condition of life and general well-being.

Senior Care Auditors are in growing demand everywhere around the world.  The ‘silver tsunami’ of frail elderly people around the world, coupled with increasing all adults working outside the home around the world, is creating the demand for someone to be able to check on the oldsters who are left alone during the day, with or without care providers.  Kids used to do this, but now most are in school all day ( a good thing!).  Also, many elderly persons live in their own homes alone.  They are the one’s who are most vulnerable and really need to be looked in on from time to time.

Sure, there are call in services.   The problem with this level of care is that no trained professional on site who can see past the pride and/or fear which can often conceal the truth of a frail elders condition of home and person.

So, if this type of work appeals to you then consider becoming a Certified Senior Care Auditor.  It is fast and easy to get certified.  There are numerous articles online about the Senior Care auditing career. For example, get loads of quick FAQs about Senior Care Auditing as a career here.  Also you can find information about how to start and grow a career as a senior care auditor on this blog, Elder Care Advice, at,, and other respected sites.  Check out the links below right at the end of this article for more straight forward information about this excellent opportunity which is perfectly aligned with 21st Century social and economic needs.

For those who like to work with the elderly this career allows for self employment, part or full time schedules, start your own business and hire others, add it onto your already up and running LTC business, or partner with Home Care agencies to offer this service to potential future clients.  The best part is you can get started for less than $300 US and do all your studying online, at your own pace.  Go to to get your certifications for this career.

Don’t dawdle…get started now!

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