Long Term Care Careers for under $300

The older population is increasingly aware of the need for at home care. Their families are, too.  Some relatives step up others simply are not able to for whatever reason.  Both the oldster and the relatives are also aware of the dicey help they are likely to get from their loved one or the average home care agency. After all everyone has heard true stories of the child or care aide from hell, right?  The reality of elder abuse and neglect is sadly a major 21st century high crime area.

So, if you like to work with frail adults and you need a career with long term possibilities and you do not have thousands of dollars to invest or the desire to get a 2 or 4+ year degree, and you do not want to be at the lowest end of the wage line, what are your options?  Consider these two, both of which open opportunities for you to work for yourself or for an agency in a matter of days or weeks for less money than you might imagine.

Home Care / Senior Care / Elder Care / Long Term Care Careers for under $300

How to become a CPCA (Certified Personal Care Aide)

Certified Personal Care Aides (CPCA) are the most needed and requested service providers in the at home care industry.  Hundreds of studies of proven that care aides who have been properly educated enjoy their work more, get better quality positions and make more money.

Frail elders need assistance with the ADLs (Activities of Daily Living): cooking, bathing, dressing and grooming, etc.  If you are physically strong and do not mind helping people with their most intimate physical needs, becoming a Certified Personal Care Aide is a good choice.

How do I become a CPCA?  There are only a few Care Aide programs in the country. This online certification program for Personal Care Aides, only available at CertifiedCare.org, is great for both informal family primary caregivers and professional personal care aides (after all, they do the same work).

Here’s why we say this to you…

CertifiedCare.org offers the only one that is accredited and  comprehensive PCA program that includes Alzheimer’s – Dementia and Special Needs education.  This program is only available online, has 4 modules and requires no other books or materials to complete at your own pace (no deadlines) – Certified Care gives you everything you need to get certified quickly and conveniently all in one package for under $200.

Become a real Certified Senior Care Auditor online at CertifiedCare.org and earn credentials respected around the world.

Home Care / Senior Care / Elder Care / Long Term Care Careers for under $300

How to become a CSCA (Certified Senior Care Auditor)

Harvard Study about Senior Care Auditing

Like oldsters but not so much the personal care work?  Consider becoming a CSCA.  CSCAs check on frail elders who are aging in place and observe their circumstances and general overall condition and make reports.  Typically, the elder, their relative or a loving friend pays for the visit.  At this time, the only way to become an accredited Certified Senior Care Auditor is through the CSCA program at Certified Care (CertifiedCare.org).  This program is only available online, has 5 modules and requires no other books or materials to complete – Certified Care gives you everything you need to get certified and registered quickly and conveniently for under $300.

Watch video on Elder Abuse

Believe it or not, caring for an elder is not like caring for a child and the same rules do not apply.  Hurting a frail elder physically or emotionally is very easy to do, and can land you in court or jail whether or not you meant the harm.  Learning how to properly care for a frail senior can be done in person at bricks and mortar schools for lots more money (bricks and mortar are pricey overhead).  Check your local area for that option. Or, if you have a smartphone or access to a computer you can take a full program online, study and test at your own pace, and get certified and registered automatically at CertifiedCare.org for less than $300.

Another good and unique thing about ‘The Org’ is that consumers and agencies check their registry for credentials verification and to find better qualified care aides.

Get affordable, convenient, comprehensive Certified Care Aide and Senior Care Auditing certification at CertifiedCare.org

Did you know that you can go from being a CPCA to being a CSCA easily? This is a good idea from the long term view.  Eventually, most PCAs just do not want the physical demands of ADL care, so they can become SCAs and continue to work with the population they love.

Providing care for those Aging in Place is truly a 21st Century career path with long term life to it. And, the best thing is you do not have to sign up for a lifetime of debt to get into it!

Find out more about Senior Care Auditing here

FAQs about Senior Care Auditing

About CertifiedCare.org

About Becoming a Personal Care Aide in the USA

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